SmartReg 3.5 for Smartphone

SmartReg Screenshot

Forgotten that registry change you made last week that you really wish you'd never made? Not a problem if you made the change with SmartReg. Simply look in the change history list, view the change and then undo it!

SmartReg is the professional Windows Mobile registry editor. It contains all the features you would expect in a standard registry editor.


  • Complete historical change log - Records all changes you make to the registry using SmartReg and allows you to undo or redo those changes days, weeks or even months later!
  • Comprehensive undo/redo facility for all operations.
  • Powerful Find All facility, optionally using regular expressions

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The trial version is fully functional for 14 days after installation.

SmartReg works on any Smartphone running Windows Mobile 2003 SE, WM5 or WM6. Supports all current screen resolutions and modes.